Quartz Epoxy Floors

Offering 14 different quartz floor color options including thixotropic coving solution and thermal shock resistance, this system is excellent for commercial applications including restaurant kitchens, locker rooms, automotive garages, and hospitals. Granicrete's cross-system adaptability uses the same epoxies and sealers between our Real MetalliX and Quartz systems.

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Proven consistent success since 2006 with nearly 50,000 countertops, bar tops, vanities and millions of square feet in decorative flooring.

Shower and Wall Surfacing Finishes

Granicrete's products and systems can go vertical. Refinishing showers without removing walls is a cost effective solution. Our flooring and countertop systems can be applied over tile and drywall to make custom lightweight authentic looking stone and brick walls, man caves, and more.

"Real MetalliX' Countertops

Designer looks can also go into a whole additional direction for one-of-a-kind custom countertops for contemporary luxury and high-end business establishments.

Floor Micro-Topping

With the trend for stained concrete floors growing, micro-topping is your answer for concealing concrete cracks, markings and tack holes. This smooth concrete-like finish is canvass waiting for staining using our acid free acrylic concrete stains and dispersion colors. Great for residential and commercial applications.

Modern Fluid Free-Form Art

Granicrete's products have been among the first to launch the whole free-form fluid art using acrylics and metallics. Simple to learn and do, and expanding from our countertop trainings, Granicrete's products are finding their way into wonderful works around the world.

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"Designer' Countertops

Taking our Original Countertop system to a higher level.  These designer finishes are those that high-end consumers dream of.  Finishes such as Sodalite Blue, Walnut Travertine, and Onxy are achieved through some additional easy to learn coloring techniques.

Floor Overlays

Go far beyond just "decorative concrete." Our texture concrete overlay for "authentic stone finishes" of travertine, slates, marble, flagstone, and wood using just a couple simple hand tools without the need for expensive stamping equipment. Great for commercial, residential Interior and exterior floors. Outdoor it about a 30 degrees cooler than concrete and great around your pool and outdoor living areas. NO STAMPS NEEDED!

Original Countertops

Our award-winning system begins with our Countertop Blend which has incredible adhesion direction over Formica, MDF, tile, granite, and cultured marble. This coating is simply brushed onto the surface then troweled by hand for a smooth finish.

Our coloring system is engineered so as when it is misted from a spray bottle that upon contact with the Countertop Blend it creates absolutely unbelievable jaw-dropping authentic finishes for granite, marble, natural stone, and stained concretes.

It is sealed with our high-performing Crystal Top Epoxy and easily detailed to look like polished stone or sealed with our NSF approved scratch resistant countertop coating. .

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Acrylic Chip and Tinted Epoxy Floors

One-day and two-days systems for all our epoxy floor systems are available. This traditional system includes bot a tinted expoxy and tinted sealer option for more challenged use environments.

We have your decorative supply needs covered!

Real "MetalliX" Epoxy Floors

Offering the fastest growing trend in the decorative coatings market yielding 20 different metallic colors that can be mixed with performance and fast curing epoxies and sealers. Metallic clarity and movement are controllable and have high concrete moisture and humidity tolerance.